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Monday-Saturday: 10:00 am to 7:30 pm; Sunday: Closed 112, First Floor, Sai Dhan Engineers and Developers, Railway Station R.T.O Road, Aurangabad - 431005 +91 942 005 0496

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We provide engineering, design, procurement, construction services to our clients. We strive to achieve excellence through speedy execution of projects, cost efficiency, management of sustainability concerns, safety and all regulatory compliances etc. Our strong workforce of professionals, Engineers, Site Supervisors are supported with advanced technology and an inspiring work environment.

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    Our Expertise

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    Residential Buildings

    Over the last 10 years, Sai Dhan Engineers and Developers has constructed residential buildings from villas communities to high rise Buildings.

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    Commercial Buildings

    Sai Dhan has delivered over a million square feet of offices, retail and other commercial buildings across the Aurangabad city.

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    Social Infrastructure

    Sai Dhan Engineers and Developers has successfully constructed multiple social infrastructure projects across the Maharashtra region.

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    Hospitality Projects

    Over the past decade, Sai Dhan has been constructing hotels, resorts and bespoke projects delivering the vision of the clients with great understanding and attention to details.

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    Industrial Constructions

    Sai Dhan has successfully delivered several industrial projects. Leading to employment opportunity and growth in investments among other added benefits.

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    Healthcare Projects

    Sai Dhan Engineers and Developers is focused on adding value to the healthcare infrastructure in the Maharashtra state and has constructed multiple projects.

    Why Saidhan is Best for Construction?

    Experience and Success

    Another strong quality to seek in a construction company may be a proven record of success and a depth of industry-related experience. All projects are different in fact , but it might be a serious red flag if your construction company has never worked for a client in your general sector or features a very spotty record. Until the project is underway you’ll not truly have a transparent view of how it’ll go.

    Equipment and Technology

    Another important quality for a robust construction company to possess is modern equipment and technology. this might include everything from state-of-the-art equipment and machinery to advanced modeling software and other tech innovations. By embracing modern technology the development company shows that it’s able to help clients enter the longer term with their new projects.

    Strong Risk Management

    Risk management is one among the foremost important elements of excellent construction. It helps protect clients from serious financial harm if there’s an accident, injury, or lawsuit. it’s crucial to pick a construction company that’s financially stable and fully bonded. While in fact ideally an accident or costly incident won’t occur to start with, it’s fundamental that the company be ready to handle it.


    Our Services

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    Interior Designs

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    Building Services

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    Full Project Management

    We execute various types of Civil Works with high degree of Professionalism. In other words, we offer single point responsibilities required by the Client. Our Highest priority is Safety. We offer design services for all types of Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects. Our primary consideration is Safety, Quality and On Time Execution. We execute the project work as per Clients specifications including procurement of all the materials from the manufacturers or authorized Dealers.